I’m feeling at peace with the process

It’s been a while between blog posts and I have to say that I have gained so much clarity and understanding of the whole unschooling journey. I still have days of doubt. That’s to be expected, even by the most avid unschooler. However all in all I am grasping the flow and seeing the moments unfold beautifully like a gift to be enjoyed.

We have time. Time to really dive in to our loves and to explore intently the amazing things that what we enjoy have to offer. Things are no longer glossed over, they are savoured and enjoyed.

I have moved from hovering, researching and wondering if I am doing enough, providing enough and being present enough. To now pursuing my own hobbies and interests right along side the interests the kids have chosen. I’m working on a wholefood recipe book, so I’m recipe testing, typing and doing all of my own photography for the book.

Cooper is very much still in to his gaming. He’s really enjoying Ark Survival at the moment and this has led him on all sorts of adventures. His love of dinosaur’s has become more apparent and whilst I was out last week I stopped by the library to collect a few dinosaur fact books in case he may be interested in reading more on the subject. He has joined forces with his online friends and they have quite a community going on there. It’s so brilliant to see him so happy and enjoying his interests freely.


Olivia is enjoying many things. She has such varied interests which range from making YouTube videos, sewing, hair and makeup, art and craft, cooking, carrying out slime experiments, roller blading and many more things. She enjoys having lots of variety and thrives on the newness of everything coming to her. She’s began to enjoy reading again. With DIY beauty books and cheeky stories as her favourites.


All in all we are having lots of fun, adjusting to our new lifestyle and just taking each day and opportunity as it comes, living in the moment and just being – Michelle x



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