Finding flow with deschooling

We as a family are actually starting to grasp the notion that during our deschooling time, we need to just relax into it and really enjoy and cherish each day without any stress or preconceived notions. Come 3pm each week day I have been pulling myself up for looking at the clock thinking “Oh yes, school is out!”. I’m completely aware that I’m doing it, however years of conditioning and the notion that all of the school kids are currently in school, just comes through. I have a lot of deschooling to do. Miss 10 has often on occasion asked as well. Come the weekends though, I feel free and easy, as though I don’t need to check, so I’m almost waiting for the day when I realise that times are no longer relevant within the whole concept of unschooling. I do actually feel it easing up a little each week, so I know it is going to arrive at some stage.

We have been enjoying our lazy mornings, the kids have been sleeping for extended periods of time and this has been a blessing for me as I’ve been able to work on my bookkeeping business which is based at home and also finish up some household chores prior to the kids waking each day. I feel that I have been able to balance it out and have gained so much more time to get things done, especially since I’m not spending up to 4 hours each day driving backwards and forwards from school drop offs, pickups, dealing with the morning struggles and homework. Things have just been flowing and I have really felt at ease with it all just this last week. I feel like the pieces are starting to fall into place ever so nicely.

The afternoons for us have been a great time to spend with each other. We have been cycling to the park for some fresh air and exercise, working on projects such as fun experiments, creating Minecraft realms, journal writing, creating art, craft, lots of gaming, cooking, blogging and what ever else comes our way. Both myself and Miss 10 have blogs. I have another for my passion which is holistic living and wholefood cooking. This can be found here. Miss 10’s can be found here, she posts about her adventures.

Master 12 is still wonderfully absorbed in his games. I’m in awe of how much he is taking in and learning through play and real life themes and we are slowly coming to terms with the time he spends gaming.

All in all things are starting to flow a lot more easily and for that I am feeling ever so grateful – Michelle x




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